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"Rupert Read is more than just a brilliant thinker. He is a determined and responsible campaigner for a better country and a better world... He has never abandoned his political commitments, or his commitment to humanity and the rest of the living world."



Democracy is a great idea…let’s make it real so we can transform society in our children’s interests and protect them from

climate chaos.

Can we overcome the many differences, damages, hurts, identities and intransigencies holding back progress against climate collapse by focusing on someone other than ourselves? It’s time to step up as the adults in this situation, and as parents of future generations.

Let’s call for a radical expansion of our democracies, based on the proposal for institutional reform set out in Rupert Read’s Parents for a Future – and a long overdue revolution in the way we think about ourselves and organise ourselves:

  • Citizens assemblies at every level of government

  • Guardians of future generations

  • Precautionary principle

A proposal and direction for lasting systems change

Support future generations by reading and discussing the Parents for a Future proposal for transformative climate action. And then help build the world our children are fighting for. You can help do this through intelligent use of funding. Or direct citizen action. Maybe by striking. And if needs be; through peaceful large-scale civil disobedience.

“Imagine the parents of the world — imagine tens, then even hundreds of millions — uniting in their pain and their love and their desperate active hope.

Imagine the biggest march in human history, perhaps the day after the near-certain failure of the global climate COP conference in Glasgow, in November 2021...

Vision in your mind’s eye the unanswerable refrain as, one after another, parents say into the cameras things like:

‘I’m doing this for my daughter, and for her children, and for their children.’

Dare to imagine all this, and you’re beginning to imagine us finally doing enough.”

Let’s step up, together.

Parents for a Future by Rupert Read quot
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